How The Journey Began

My husband and I moved to London UK  about 10 years ago!  (Wow how times flies!)  When we moved here I was 3 months pregnant with my first child and was in the midst of a Fashion Marketing Course in Toronto Canada.  Due to the move, I was unable to finish the course…..but I had other things on my plate…namely taking care of a new baby in a new city in a new country!  We moved here on an ex-pat package which meant that my husband’s company paid for our living expenses.  Hurrah!  What was meant to be a 2 year stint carried on for several, several more.  During that time, we lived in a few different rented houses, progressing getting bigger and nicer due to my husband’s several promotions…as well as adding a second child to our family, which meant that we needed more space.  While it was fun and interesting moving to each new house, the fact that they were rentals meant there was not much I could do to them to make them “our own”.   Fast forward to 18 months ago when we finally bit the bullet and decided to buy our own house in SW London…with the expat package long over 😦 we thought it made sense to invest in a house.  This is where the interior design part comes in, in case you were wondering!  So the house was completely ready to move into with little work actually needing to be done.  But in our eyes, there was loads to do as it wasn’t our taste at all!  Upon further inspection and thought, we decided that the layout upstairs did not suit our family’s needs either.  What started out as “let’s just rip out kitchens and bathrooms” soon became a much, much bigger project!  Hence my involvement in changing our “liveable” new family home into a home that our family could really LIVE in!  I am now currently enrolled in an Interior Design Program at the National Design Academy ( and I am loving every minute of it!  I am on Module 8 of 10 so the end is in sight!  I plan to make a go of my new found passion and am determined to begin my own Interior Design practice.  I want to help others make their home or office a beautiful yet functional space.  Each space needs to work for each person or family’s particular needs but it needs to be done in an aesthetically pleasing way.

My plan for now is to start trying to build my portfolio by doing “freebie” jobs for friends and family!  Wish me luck!


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