“Upcycling” Trend


According to the Oxford Dictionary, a trend is a “general direction in which something is developing or changing”.   In fashion and interiors, a trend can be something that is happening within popular culture and involves colours, patterns, materials and silhouettes.  Trends can develop and be influenced by many things.  A trend can “trickle up” from the streets, where trend forecasters look at the street level people and read certain blogs to see what is happening there.  As well, trends can “trickle down” from the high fashion houses.  In interior design, trends can come be influenced by many things including economic, political and social factors as well as the fashion world.  Trends are not the same as fads as fads are usually over and done with quickly whereas trends are more long standing. The “Up Cycling” trend is growing in popularity in the interior design world.  This is where objects or materials that are deemed useless can be “up cycled” to make something useful.  This can be seen in fashion as well as in interior design.  The current economic situation has really increased the trend for up cycled furniture.  The downturn in the economy has made people realise that they don’t need to be wasteful and can re-use, re-cover, or re-style many objects to make fabulous bespoke pieces for their home.  Another driving force in the up cycling trend is the awareness of the environment.  People these days are more aware that the environment needs to be protected. Instead of throwing away something that has outlived it’s original purpose, where it will go and sit in a landfill, people are coming up with creative ways to re-use it.  By up cycling different objects, pieces of furniture, and materials, the owner creates something that is unique to them.  Each piece is completely different from anything else and that in itself can be a very appealing reason to start up cycling!!

What is the most interesting piece of “up cycled” furniture you have seen?


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