Black and White

Monochrome is HUGE right now.  Just step into any fashion shop and you will see it everywhere…black and white!  Black and white can work well in your home as well.


A black and white colour scheme is a look that is bold and striking.  The contrast that the combination creates is a statement in itself.  It can create a room that is modern and sophisticated.  When white is the dominant colour, the room can be made to feel big and airy due to white’s reflective properties.  When black is the dominant colour a very glamorous look can be produced.  Too much black in a room can make it feel oppressive and small but when used correctly, it can be dramatic and very eye catching!  Black and white can also create a base colour scheme, where another vibrant colour can be added in by ways of cushions, vases and other accessories.  These accessories can then be changed if colour trends change therefore creating an affordable way to update a room.  A lovely example could be a black and white colour scheme with splashes of hot pink!


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