The 1950’s


This colour scheme is one that was quite popular in 1950’s America.  It was the end of the war and the people were feeling optimistic and cheerful.  America thrived during the post-war recovery and the outlook was positive.  Aqua blue and pistachio green were amongst the eye-popping pastels colours that were used in the 1950’s.  These colours were especially popular in the kitchen.  Blue is a colour associated with water and therefore suited placement in the kitchen and resulted in the kitchens having a playful, positive feel.  This colour scheme uses analogous colours in pastel greens, aqua blues and blue-greens and creates a look that is pleasing to the eye.  When using such a colour scheme you must be sure to have enough contrast with one colour being the dominant colour and the other providing the accents.  The turquoise blues accented with the pastel greens or vice versa, gave the rooms of the 1950’s a bright and uplifting feel.

What a cheerful colour palette for such a dreary day here in London…or let’s face it, a dreary 3 months is more like it!


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