Mood Board

This was one of my first mood boards for an early Module in my course.  The brief was given for an imaginary client, the Moore’s.

In Module 2 I was instructed to create a mood board based on a brief for Mr. & Mrs. Moore. There were several inspirations for the Moore’s but ultimately I chose to base their multi-function room on “nature”.

Here is my sample mood board:

Mood BoardSlide2

The Moores specified a neutral colour palette with injections of colour.  I chose to use a soft grey and “griege” palette with splashes of hot pink and lime green.

I now know that this mood board is perhaps a bit too SPECIFIC.  I put in way too many details and I realise now that I should have done a board that more conveys the MOOD (hence the name “mood board”! 🙂 ) of the room versus what exactly was going to be placed IN the room!  But as I said, it was basically the second board I had ever done and you live and you learn.  Since this original board, I think I have come a long ways in helping the “Moores” get their dream, family-friendly, multi-function living room. As this room has progressed (along side the course modules), the “nature” theme is becoming more apparent.  This original mood board probably didn’t convey the feeling I was perhaps trying to get across.  The “nature” theme is not strong enough in this first board. BUT………this was Module 2, I am now on Module 9.  The end is in sight and I’m a whole lot wiser!!


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