Maldivian Inspirations!

I just got back from 10 glorious nights in the Maldives…hence the lack of blogs for the past couple of weeks. Sorry!  Bad blogger!  But anyways, every morning I would wake up and go outside the villa to take in our view.  And every morning I could not believe my eyes.  The colours of the water were so amazing!!  The different shades of blues, turquoises, greens and aquas were so beautiful.  And every morning I would drive my kids crazy by saying “Wow, look at the colour of that water!  Go on!  Take a look…..and appreciate it!” (not sure if they do appreciate such a view at their age but I made sure they took long hard looks anyways! haha!)  This got me thinking about colour schemes and in particular something involving the blues and greens of that gorgeous water.


Nature sometimes provides us with a perfect analogous colour scheme of blues and greens such as in the case of my morning view of the Indian Ocean.  Analogous colours are those that sit side by side on a colour wheel and they can create a lovely harmonious feel in a room.  When using an analogous colour scheme in interiors, usually one colour is the more dominant and the other colour, or colours, are used to enrich the scheme.  This look will accent more features than a monochromatic scheme and will make the room deeper and more rich. It is best to use warm colours with warm and cool colours with cool and not to combine the two.  A mood board or 2 to follow!!  The below pictures are actual views from my trip but really DO NOT do the colours any justice compared seeing it in person!

The watersThe actual view


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