Bzzzz…..Black and Yellow

So I recently bought 2 new armchairs for our cottage in Canada and they happen to be “sunshine” yellow!  Get your sunglasses on:


They will brighten the room up though!  I am now thinking of cushions and other accessories that will go with this yellow and my first thought was black.  I love the way that the 2 colours go together to make a modern, fresh colour combination.

Here are a couple of my favourite inspirational black and yellow colour schemes:


(original source

I LOVE how the yellow pops out, not only in it’s brightness but also with the use of texture with it’s soft velvety fabric.  The yellow stands out and adds a bit of fun to the room yet is not overwhelming at all.

This next room is absolutely perfect and makes for amazing interior design “eye-candy”!  So many things draw the eye……


(original source

This is the living room of creative director and president of J.Crew, Jenna Lyon.  I love the statement chandelier and the historical cornicing.  The room itself is quite grand!  But the yellow and black combination and the zebra rug mixes in an element of excitement and makes it up to date and contemporary.  I love rooms and homes that mix the traditional with the modern.

Ok, after looking at that room I think I will find it tough to top it in terms of my yellow and black combination search so I will leave it at that for now!


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