Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Or shall I say….”mirror mirror AS A wall”?  Now I don’t mean in a cheesy 1970’s way but in a way that can enhance the decor of a room!  Here are some examples of how to use mirrors not only for functional purposes but as a decorative wall covering as well.

Mirrors in interior design can be used in a variety of ways.  One fairly obvious place to use mirrors is on wardrobe doors to conceal storage.  Not only is this visually appealing but it is very practical as the doors can then be used as a vanity mirror as well.  Everyone needs a mirror when getting ready and what better place to have one than along a whole wall in the bedroom.


These mirrored wardrobe doors not only open up the dressing room space up and provide more light, but they also are practical and useful.

It is a known fact that mirrors can make a room or space feel bigger.  A full wall of mirror will visually expand a room and make it seem more spacious.  A mirror can also reflect natural light making the room not only feel bigger, but seem brighter as well.  In the evenings, a mirrored wall can reflect candlelight and give the room a soft, romantic glow.


This mirrored wall at one end of the dining room makes the room feel longer than it really is.  Not only does it expand the space but the mirror also accentuates the peaked ceiling makes it a focal point of interest.

Finally, a mirrored wall finish can really be a statement piece and can add dramatic visual appeal.  Mirrors can be used in grid or panel form adding dimension to the room.  The mirror can also be tinted or given an antiqued look, which is becoming quite popular.


This mirrored wall panel is gorgeous and adds a subtle reflection of the room’s serenity.  This wall gives the room personality and character.

Unfortunately there is one disadvantage to having a mirrored wall, especially in a family home (like mine!)….it’s the time and effort involved in keeping it clean and free of finger marks!  Nothing a little glass cleaner can’t take care of though!


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