Green Credentials: Linoleum Flooring. Really?

Wow, if you are like me at all, when you hear the word “linoleum” the first thing that comes to mind is cheap tacky flooring found in an 1970’s kitchen.  Well that same floor that you are picturing might have very well been a vinyl floor, which up until recently I thought was the same thing as lino!  Shame on me, Miss Interior Designer!  In fact, linoleum has been around since the 1800’s and gets it’s name from the materials that it is made from: linseed oil, wood flour, rosin, and finely ground limestone.  Sounds very “green” no?  It was a very popular flooring choice in the Victorian times due to it’s durable nature and wide variety of colours……who’d have thought?  It was only in the 1970’s when the nasty, synthetic material made from chemicals…vinyl….came along that lino fell out of favour.

As consumers are getting more eco-concious, linoleum is starting to make a comeback!! Linoleum is a sustainable product and attractive for eco-friendly homeowners. It is very durable and long lasting.  Plus it’s natural and 100% biodegradable!  It can come in many, many different colours, textures, sizes and thicknesses making it very versatile for different areas of the home.  It can be bright and loud or soft and neutral.

A neutral linoleum would make for a great flooring choice in an area such as a boot room or entranceway:

A neutral coloured linoleum, combining warm beige and mid-grey tones, that looks like stone.

And how fun is this bright, stripy option:

This beach house hallway uses striped linoleum flooring to create a fun, playful and bright space.  Cute!!

Linoleum flooring is also very practical to use in bathrooms due to its antibacterial nature.  It helps to prevent the harboring of allergens and microorganisms…’s superpowers also include being resistant to superbug MRSA and e-coli.

So next time you hear the words “linoleum floor”, get the tacky floors of the 1970’s out of your mind and think of the possibilities the newly technologically advanced lino floors can do for you and your home!  And keep in mind how EXTREMELY eco-friendly it is!


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