New Lounge Chair

So I have been spending the summer here in Canada at our cottage and what a great summer it’s been so far!  Ok, when I say “cottage“, it’s more like “house“…..but in a cottage setting.  My husband thinks it isn’t “cottage-y”/rustic enough and perhaps even less so now that I have replaced all the living room furniture.  I got rid of the ugly brown couch, ugly brown chairs, brown cushions, VERY ugly brown coffee table and matching side tables (you get the idea) that came with the cottage when we bought it.  And replaced with a more contemporary and cheerful scheme. Mostly greys and black with 2 sunshine yellow chairs!

Yep, they really are bright!

Yep, they really are bright!

So with the new furniture came a new furniture arrangement.  And now I have space (and the need) for ONE MORE chair!

I’ve come across this lovely chair called the Bethany Lounger:

Lovely, no?

Lovely, no?

And I think it might go really well with everything else!  I know that by looking at these 2 pictures out of context (of the yellow chair and the Bethany Lounger) it seems like they don’t work together.  But in the grand scheme, together with the coffee table, end tables, sofa and accessories they tie in nicely.  Hard to believe I know, but trust me, it works!   What I was wondering though, is this a reproduction of some mid-century chair?  It is made by a design company called NUEVO.  I love the Scandinavian look!  It is a classic design and I think it looks fairly comfortable.  I’ll find out on Friday when I go into the city to see it in person.  Until then…’s beach time!

Oh right……..once I complete my living room, here at the “cottage” I will be sure to post a picture!



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