Put a Cork ON It: An Environmentally Friendly Flooring Choice

Ok, so usually when I think of “cork” I think of popping open a nice bottle of bubbly!  The cork bit being the part that I am always afraid will pop someone’s eye out!  Yet considering cork as flooring for certain rooms in your house can be a very “green choice”.

Cork flooring is made from the bark of the cork tree, which makes it a good environmentally friendly choice.  Since only the bark is used, that means that the tree does not need to be cut down. It is a renewable resource!  (An important factor to consider!!) This can be very appealing for many eco-conscious households.

Cork gives this living room a warm and natural feel.

Cork floors can be great for creating a soft, spongy surface to walk on.  The same properties that make cork soft to walk on also make it a good material to absorb sound. As well, cork is rich in a natural substance called suberin, which makes it resistant against mildew, mold, dust and insect pests.  It’s sounding very good so far!

Since cork is a natural product there can be a lot of variation in the colour, patterns and features from one piece to the next. This is probably not the best choice when looking for a uniform, clean look.

But…and there’s usually a “but”…….cork is soft, so while little dents and scratches will actually heal themselves, larger marks are harder to fix.   And although it can be an attractive choice, it must be kept in mind that cork can wear easily and does not last as long as some other materials.  Cork must be treated regularly with polyurethane or wax which can make it a bit more high maintenance than some other flooring choices.  And a final tip…..cork must be used carefully in kitchens and other areas where there is moisture.

Having said that, cork is a renewable resource that can be an excellent choice when choosing an eco-friendly floor.

Cheers to that I say!

“There comes a time in every woman’s life when the only thing that helps is a glass of champagne.”- Bette Davis


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