It’s Monday….and it’s Half Term

Yep, that’s right.  The kids are home this week….so that means less time spent on perusing interior design magazines and websites and more time talking about Minecraft!  (if you have a boy of video game playing age….you’ll know all about Minecraft)

So as I mentioned before,  Mondays are now known as “Mood Board Mondays” here at insidespacedesign.  This week I wanted to share some ideas I had for a client.  He’s a single man, around 50, who was looking to make slight changes to his flat.  Quite conservative. Quite, quite conservative and traditional.  We wanted to keep things quite simple and neutral for him but not boring.  We decided that a feature wall of wallpaper would be great in the dining room…..1 single wall to add a bit of visual impact.  These are the 3 boards that I made up to give him ideas about what kinds of wallpaper could be used to add a little bit of interest without going over the top.

First up……using a wallpaper that says, conservatively of course in this case, “look at me, I’m a feature wall!”  These wallpapers are cool yet traditional and would add a nice touch to an otherwise simple interior.

Next….geometric patterns.  I love these options!  The stripes are subtle and masculine.  And in fairly neutral colours they would make a perfect addition the the clients dining room.

Finally, if the choices above were too much for the client my last option (but not by any means the “least”) was to use a textured wallpaper.  Textured wallpaper can be used very subtly in either a similar colour to the paint of adjacent walls or to give a little more visual interest, in a contrasting lighter or darker shade. (Side note: I personally loved the Corteccia Wallpaper….knew it might be a bit flash for this client but wanted to put it there as an option.  It is so cool!)

Well… the end it was a Grass Cloth Wallpaper that he went for.  A good choice that meets his needs and personal style!

Happy Half Term everyone!


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