Career Opportunities For Aspiring Designers

Ok, so you love interior design.  You studied and now you have the diploma/degree and the blood, sweat and tears to show for it!  Now what you ask?  Where do you go from here?

One option is to set up your own business as a sole trader.  This is a very useful path to take if you want to work around family, children and other interests.  This option requires a strong business mind with clear goals and realistic expectations.  To set these goals and expectations, a business plan is ESSENTIAL!  Your business plan should include business strategies, your target market and financial forecasts and targets.  There are many websites that can help you put together a good, strong business plan.  Have a look at to get started.

Another option is to try and work in a medium to large Interior Design practice.  This may be more difficult to gain employment, depending on how much experience you have.  Many jobs in the industry require previous experience.  I have looked at many such job opportunities online and you do INDEED need several years of experience. One way to possibly get your foot in the door is to offer yourself for an internship or work experience program (yes, I am always free and willing to do internships and work experience…hint, hint!) This will mean working for free but if the company likes you and you do a good job, they may hire you on as a permanent employee.  I think when you are starting out, the more practical experience you can get, the better your chances are for not only getting a job with an established design firm but also, you will be more experienced if you decide to start your own business in the future.

If your CAD skills are excellent, you may choose to freelance yourself out to small to medium sized Interior Design firms that may not have the CAD skills needed to produce amazing 3D modules to show potential clients.  If CAD drawing is your strength this could be a very good route to pursue.  I am still working hard on expanding my CAD skills and it’s something I will continue to work on…no matter how frustrating it can be sometimes!! I really think that there is always a new skill to learn with all the different CAD programs out there for interior designers!

Finally, another option is to buy an Interior Design franchise such as Dulux.  This will be similar to starting your own business but you will have plenty of support from the franchise company.  There will most likely be a fairly high initial cost versus starting your own business from home but you will benefit from their expertise, have marketing support and gain potential clients.  The big well-known name of the company can help you gain credibility quite quickly.

So as you can see, there are several different types of career opportunities available to graduates of Interior Design Courses and it is up to each individual to decide which is the best path for them to take.

Happy Weekend Everyone!


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