Lighting Mood Board

For those who have been following my blog, you may have remembered previous posts about my “clients” the Moore’s. I shared my accessories mood board recently, which was part of my Interior Design Course at NDA.  This board shows the lighting ideas that I had for the room.  As any aspiring designer should know, every room should have at least 3 “types” of lighting: ambient, task and decorative.  Lighting sometimes takes a backseat to other design tasks but in fact it should play a very important part of the design plan from the very beginning.

My “clients”, had decided on a nature based theme for their multi-funtion family room.  I made a technical lighting plan for the room along with this mood board below:

I’ve already expressed my love for the Secto Pendant and Floor lamps in an earlier post but I also wanted to point out to you the lovely Greypants Pendant light…..they are made from recycled corrugated cardboard so not only are they super stylish, they are very eco friendly as well (!


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