Luxurious Marble

Marble is a limestone, which is a natural product.  It is a beautiful material that has been used since ancient times.  Marble is usually associated with high luxury and is a very high spec finish. I’ve been on the fence in the past about using marble but there is no doubt that marble can add a certain elegance and grandeur to a home if used tastefully. There are, however, several factors that must be considered before investing in marble.

The marble floor gives this entrance hall a rich and luxurious feel.  This marble has been polished to a high gloss, which can be very visually appealing.

Marble is a popular choice to use in bathrooms as it provides an attractive and luxurious look.  It can fit well into a traditional style as well as it can into a modern, sleek style.  Marble tile in a bathroom is a very durable choice.

Marble used in a modern, glossy bathroom adds interest due to the natural veins in the stone.

As always, there are always some drawback with using certain materials and in the case of marble, one of the disadvantages is cost.  Marble tile can cost up to 5 times as much as traditional ceramic tile.  As well, it needs to be installed by professionals, which will rule out DIY and will add to the already high cost of the tiles. Another disadvantage to marble is that it can be high maintenance.  It needs to be re-sealed regularly and if it is not, it can lead to staining.

So use your “marbles” wisely and you can create a beautiful, luxurious space. Use marble tastefully….. beware, too much of the “wrong” marble can look tacky……..


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