Pantone Colour Palette Spring 2014

So, it’s not even officially winter yet and I’m already thinking of SPRING!?  Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas as much as the next person, but it’s the months that follow Christmas (January and February, I’m talking to you!) that make me a tad depressed!

What better way to get a bit of cheerful springtime feel than to check out Pantone‘s Spring 2014 Women’s colour palette:

(original source

I really love how they have taken traditional pastels such as the Violet Tulip and Placid Blue and brought them together with the vibrant colours of Fressia and Cayenne.  Whereas the Sand and Paloma make perfect neutrals.  This colour palette, it should be mentioned, is for  Spring 2014 Women’s Fashion….but as we all know, what happens in fashion, will happen in the world of interiors as well.  Keep your eye out for these new colours trends come 2014!

Ok, now I am ready for a month of full on Christmas decor, trees, tinsel and wrap!  Bring it on!  But I will be re-visiting these gorgeous spring colours again come January!


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