Christmas Inspiration #1-Restoration Hardware

Having lived in the UK for 10 years now, I still check out some North American websites every now and then.  One of my favourites to look at in terms of interior design is Restoration Hardware.  Restoration Hardware was opened in 1980 when the founder was renovating his Queen Anne style home and could not find period hardware pieces.  I find that the furniture and accessories, although perhaps not 100% my taste, look luxurious and of high quality.  Now….their Christmas decor!  I love it!  It gives a sense of cosiness and warmth without compromising on style.  It has a bit of a Scandinavian feel to it and THAT my friends is a style that IS of my taste!

Have a look see:

Cosy and Christmas-y!!
(all photos sourced from

The downside is that they don’t deliver outside of North America.  But like I said……browsing their website has most definitely provided me with some great Christmas inspiration!

and that calls for a jolly ho, ho, ho!


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