A Trophy Holder For My Trophy Bike?

Well here it is, my new favourite mode of transport!  An Xmas gift to replace my old (ugly, crappy) bike that got nicked from outside the tube station in November.  While my old bike was the cheapest, worst “Halford’s special” bike that money can buy, my new bike is in fact a Tokyo Bike (www.tokyobike.co.uk)  Tokyo Bike is a small independent company founded in, you guessed it, Tokyo.  Their bikes were designed for riding around in, yep, Tokyo…..or any other big city you might live in.  The bikes are super comfortable, really smooth, well made and above all, super chic!


There she is! (but check out their website too….my picture doesn’t do it justice!)

Now, at our house, we have a bike tent in our garden where my husband and sons keep their bikes.  But for me, I ride mine much more often so my baby, I mean bike, tends to be kept inside the house.  It’s a bit of a pain getting it from the garden every time I want to use it.  While we have space in our house to keep it indoors whilst still being out of the way (I think it looks quite cute in our front room at the moment) I started to think of those with less space and how and where they would store their bikes.  And I came across this very on trend and funky bike wall mount.




Photos all courtesy of http://www.outlineworksltd.com/website

This is something that will look good with or without the bike!  It’s right on trend and with a choice of “deer” or “bull” in several different colours, you’ll be sure to find one to suit your home and help keep it clutter free!

Safe riding everyone!


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