Wallpaper Love : For The Little Ones

My latest wallpaper search has led me to a brand that I have not come across before and I am in LOVE!  A friend asked me for some ideas for their country home in the Cotswolds (nice, I know!) and one of the areas she hadn’t decided on yet was the decor of her girls shared bedroom.  Ah, sharing a bedroom with a sister, something I know all too well!  Fortunately, my parents had quite a minimalist approach to decor so there was no fighting as to what type of wallpaper went up in our room…there was no wallpaper.  Just white, white and more white (not counting the Duran Duran posters that I hung up!)


I couldn’t resist…sorry, I know, totally unrelated to interior design!  (heeelllooo John Taylor!)

But in this case, I had to find some sort of common interest, some sort of design/theme that they could both live with.  And bingo!  I found it.  They both love riding horses.  I didn’t want to go too overboard with that idea and I thought (of course) a nice wallpaper could do the trick!  And that is when I came across www.hibouhome.com  A British company making quality and gorgeous wallpaper and fabrics for children.  Not tacky, cheap Dora type children’s designs but cool, funky Scandi inspired ones.

Here’s the equestrian one:  What do you think?


Have a look at their website to see more gorgeous designs….I particularly love, love “Into The Wild” print.  And actually you really couldn’t go wrong with any of them!


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