The Art of the Brick

Lego and art. Two words you probably don’t associate with each other often. More likely when you hear the word “Lego” you think of those small plastic bricks that are strewn all over your house (well my house anyways) and hurt like hell when you step on one! Having 2 boys guarantees me that in every room of the house I will find either a fully built Lego “model”, a half built one, a broken one or just loose pieces lying in little piles or random containers!  Or a combination of all of the above. And I mean every room, including the bathrooms! I know what you are thinking……get organised woman! But those pieces seem to have a life of their own and turn up everywhere. It’s a lost cause.
But, you never know, one of my sons could be the next Nathan Sawaya. Who you say? He is the NYC artist who turns those little pieces of Lego into absolutely gorgeous pieces of art! And when I say gorgeous, I mean breathtaking. The detail in each of his works of art is just amazing. And you guessed it, all done with Lego! You have to see it in person to appreciate it and luckily for those who live in London, you still can!


For more information check out

Inspire yourself and your children!

A few examples……..






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