My name is Suzie Brown. I am originally from Winnipeg, Canada but have lived in London now for nearly 10 years. My husband and I moved from Canada to London for his job. At the time, I was in the middle of a Fashion Marketing and PR degree. Unfortunately, I was unable to complete the course. Fortunately, I was pregnant at the time of the move and went on to have our first child here in London. Time flies when you are taking care of a child and the next thing I knew, baby number 2 was on its way. I did not come to London with a job so therefore I had no job to go back to after having the kids. Luckily for me, my husband makes enough for me to stay at home with the children. But now that my they are older and in school, I have really been doing some soul searching to see what is next for me.

I originally began this blog because I love interior design.  I had the idea that perhaps I would begin my own interior design company.  But a funny thing happened while I was writing this blog.  I remembered how much I love to write!  This led me to investigate the world of copywriting.  I found a course I could do online, completed it and am now very excited, and well-equiped I might add, to begin my new career as a freelance copywriter.




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  1. Hi there !
    So funny I have the feeling I’m reading my own story ! I have 4 kids and began the NDA last april. I am now at the Unit 9 ! I want to try to open my own business and beginn with friends and familiy as well ! I’m from switzerland ! We could try to stay in touch ? I’m on facebook under sandrine dennnler-metthez if you want to stay in touch and help each other ! good luck ! Sandrine

  2. Hi!
    Love your blog all though I was initially completely freaked out to stumble across it and then read almost exactly the same essay I have just written for my Diploma! (then I realised that you too are an NDA student!)

    Im very much out of the education loop and practically computer illiterate! and looking at your mood boards that are so professionally produced, I was wondering if you could tell me which program you used to create them?

    Im on the NDA forum. or my email address is attached.

    Thanks in advance and great work!

    • Hi kim! Thanks so much for reading my blog. I have to say, I’m not the most computer literate either but was able to do all my boards on PowerPoint. Good luck on your course. It’s a lot of fun! Let me know if I can offer any other advice at all!

  3. Hi! You have such a lovely home! As a freelance interior architect and a mum myself, I know it can be tough sometimes to get your career on track, but I think you’re making a great choice and I wish you the best of luck with everything : ) I hope we can follow each other.



    • Hi Jules, thank you so much for the compliment! It’s really hard trying to start up your own business but I am hoping to join up with a fellow “colleague” to begin a new interior design business! Watch this space…fingers crossed! Best of luck to you as well and I will pop over to your blog now to have a peek!
      S x

  4. Hello! I am NDA student as well and I found your blog working on one of the assignments (OMG, I am still at Unit 2 and it seems forever). Good luck with your journey!

  5. Hello!
    So great to find your blog. I was just thinking of starting a blog along the lines of “a journey into interior design” and Googled it, and there you are 🙂 I’m also an NDA student (loving it) and I am very happy to find a fellow student who is thinking along the same lines. Looking forward to more posts. Will follow you through Bloglovin.
    Bye for now.

  6. Hello,
    Just came across your blog and I do like your style of writing. It is an art I believe and you have something so well done for pursuing your passion. I had a successful interior design business which I left to move to the UK with my husband and like you while here had my daughter…..it’s almost five years now since we moved here. Time really does fly. I would love to find a way back into the design world….I hope I do someday. Good luck with your freelancing work!!

    • Hi Tasha, thanks so much for the lovely comment! I found it hard to get into the interior design business as there’s a lot of competition…. Especially around where I live. So I went with my next best (or probably better) thing, which is writing. I love doing it and hope I can make a career of it. Good luck to you and your dream of getting back into ID!!

  7. Hi Suzie! I have recently started an interior design course through NDA and also started writing a blog (nicoleisnicole.moonfruit.com). I came across your blog while researching for my Mr and Mrs Moore assignments, I believe you are familiar with these clients? 🙂
    I was wondering whether I could interview you for my blog as you have been travelling along the same path as me, except you are further ahead and I would love to hear how everything has worked out for you since starting this journey

    I’d love to hear from you,


    • Hi Nicole, thanks for contacting me. And congrats on starting the course. Yes, I remember the Moore’s very well. It was such a fun course to take. Unfortunately, I am no longer doing interior design. Although it’s still a passion of mine, I decided to become a freelance copywriter. I didn’t feel 100% qualified to break into the interior design industry on my own with the just the weight of the course behind me so looked into other options. So I’m probably not the best person to interview in terms of how it all ended up after the course! Good luck to you though!

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