Top CAD programs for Interior Designers: review

A great blog comparing the different options when it comes to CAD programs for designers. I myself am taking a full day Sketch Up Pro course next week and cannot wait!

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Undoubtedly  CAD software has become today an essential part of Interior Design business. If several decades ago it was impossible to imagine Interior Designer who cannot draw, today it becomes reality: more and more Interior Design students do all renderings by means of CAD software. We can discuss long hours the downside of this phenomenon and the benefits of ability to produce hand drawn renderings, however this is not the subject of this article.

If you look at job vacancies, you will see that even to get an Internship in the company Interior Design student is expected to have perfect CAD skills. We can like it or not but CAD is a must thing to learn nowadays to sSoftay competitive on the market. However, many of professionals are actually stuck with the choice of software as there are so many available. This article is aimed to review all popular programs…

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Google Sketch What?


Google Sketch Up

“3D modelling computer program”…that phrase used to be enough to send me running for the hills!  I’m somewhat of a techno-phobe and the idea of even trying to draw 3D models using any sort of computer program seemed very alien to me.  That is, until I began my Interior Design Course.  I now see the real benefit and NEED to be able to use programs such as Sketch Up, CAD and Vectorworks in this industry.  Awhile back I had the great opportunity to go into a well established interior design firm and spend the day with one of their designers.  He was able to show me the work he had done for clients using all the above 3D drawing programs and wow, they were amazing! (Photoshop also another GREAT tool!)  The work he did enabled the client (and me!) to see how everything was going to be laid out as well as how the space would look upon completion, all in glorious 3D!  Providing this visual is a must I believe when working with clients on jobs both large and small.  So….what did I decide to do?  I tried to self-teach myself Sketch Up.  I read somewhere that Sketch Up is the easiest 3D modelling program to learn and coming in with no experience at all I thought I’d give it a go.  I started off with Sketch Up For Dummies followed by watching various tutorials online.  And???  Well, I can say that I DID learn the basics and surprised myself a little tiny bit that I was able to produce a very basic, very amateurish looking sparely furnished living room. Ugh!  Not good enough though!  Give it a try though, as some pick it up easier than others.  Personally, I still do not feel that I have the ability to produce professional, well drawn, well rendered drawings that would help the client envision what the space was going to look like upon completion.  So I am very happy to say that I have now signed up for a 2 day course at the Chelsea College of Art and Design…”Introduction to Sketch Up”.   I believe that this course will help me on my “journey” and help me with my business goals.  Course is at end of April but I will most definitely post some of my, hopefully excellent, 3D models and graphics afterwards! Watch this space and wish me luck!

(p.s my 2 sons, aged 6 and 8, think my 3D living room is EPIC (sadly they are not my potential clients!) and both are wanting to try Google Sketch Up now…..scarily enough, their work will probably be better than my first try!)