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Lighting Mood Board

For those who have been following my blog, you may have remembered previous posts about my “clients” the Moore’s. I shared my accessories mood board recently, which was part of my Interior Design Course at NDA.  This board shows the lighting ideas that I had for the room.  As any aspiring designer should know, every room should have at least 3 “types” of lighting: ambient, task and decorative.  Lighting sometimes takes a backseat to other design tasks but in fact it should play a very important part of the design plan from the very beginning.

My “clients”, had decided on a nature based theme for their multi-funtion family room.  I made a technical lighting plan for the room along with this mood board below:

I’ve already expressed my love for the Secto Pendant and Floor lamps in an earlier post but I also wanted to point out to you the lovely Greypants Pendant light…..they are made from recycled corrugated cardboard so not only are they super stylish, they are very eco friendly as well (!

Moroccan Delights Part 1

I just came back recently from a trip to Marrakech!  And wow, was I blown away!  Not only was it nice to have some sunshine and warmth for a change (ok, REALLY nice!)…..coming from London and all.  (Come on, you know how it is Londoners!) But the whole sensory experience was amazing!  From the music and buzz of Jemaa El Fna Square to the covered alleyways of the endless souks with their piles of colourful spices, to the delicious tagines, and of course to the colourful and detailed decor and architecture.

As you can see, I called this post “Moroccan Delights PART 1” as there were so many things that caught my eye.  But one of the things that continuously drew my attention were the hanging lamps that were beautiful unlit but even more beautiful lit up!  This surprised me, being a linear, clean lines, minimalist type of girl and all, but I grew to love these Moroccan lamps more and more with every one I saw!  Unfortunately for me my house is probably not the best fit for them!

This one really had me mesmerised during dinner….at the gorgeous riad La Maison Arabe (

My amateur photography does the lamp no favours by the way.

One place where I think I could incorporate Moroccan lamps in my own home though is outside.  What better way to add a touch of the exotic to an otherwise very contemporary house?  The way their colourful stained glass and intricate details cast light around an area is really something to behold and adds instant ATMOSPHERE!

Moroccan lights 2
I love these hanging lanterns!  The detailed patterns and shapes will give off a fantastic light “show” when the hallway is darker! Exotic but still contemporary enough for my tastes.

Here are some little ways to incorporate a touch of Moroccan lighting to your patio or garden:

Moroccan lamps
These are a super cute way to light up an outdoor area…Moroccan inspired RECYCLED lamps! (original source  Not the most authentic I know, but I do love them!

Morrocan fairy lights
Moroccan fairy lights!  An easy and economical way to give your outdoor area a lovely and mesmerising atmosphere. (original source

Moroccan lamps 3
Imagine sitting outside on a warm summer’s night, having a drink and watching the patterns dance on the walls.  Talk about creating mood and atmosphere!

Morocco has a rich and diverse history and culture.  It’s designs inspire rich colours, intricate patterns, luxurious textures and detailed craftsmanship.  The Moroccan style really is beautiful and awe-inspiring.

Secto Design Lamps


Secto Lights

I just finished Module 9 of my Interior Design course and the assignment was all about lighting plans. The pendents lights that I chose to use for over my “client’s” dining table were these gorgeous Secto Design Lamps. They fit my “client’s” brief and I thought they looked great! They are designed by architect Seppo Koho and are made from Finnish birch by very highly skilled and talented craftsmen.
Earlier this week during a trip to Selfridges, I came across these lights in person and I can say that they are even MORE lovely in the flesh, so to speak.  I would highly recommend taking a look for yourselves!

Effective Lighting For Your Home

Effective lighting needs to be an essential part of any home renovation or interior re-vamp project.  A good lighting plan needs to be thought of in the early stages of the renovation process.  It should not be an afterthought…….

It is essential when creating a lighting plan for your house that each room has a source of ambient, task and decorative light.  Ideally these lights should be dimmable so that certain moods can be created at different times of the day.  Each room in your house has a different purpose so will therefore have different lighting needs.  Lighting can give the room its mood; playful, cold, inviting, romantic etc. so it is very important in interior design to get it right!

Let’s look at each type of lighting in a bit more detail:

Ambient lighting in a home is the general light source.  It provides an even wash of light throughout the room as opposed to a direct specific light, which is provided by task lighting.  Ambient light can be made up of artificial lights as well as natural sunlight from windows.  To decide what the source of ambient light should be, it is important to take into consideration what the room will be used for.  Different rooms will have different lighting needs.

The dining room is a hard room in which to create ambient lighting.  The best way to create the perfect ambient lighting in a dining room is to use floor uplighters or wall sconces.  These are best on a dimmable switch so you can create the type of mood you want depending on the occasion.


Wall sconces let you create a lovely ambient light in a dining room especially when you want the lighting to be dimmed after the meal for coffee and desserts.

In the bathroom, ambient light can be provided by overhead, recessed downlighters.  This will give a nice light to the whole bathroom and create an open, bright feel.  Downlights are also great, as they will not cause as many shadows as a single ceiling light would.


Living rooms these days are often multi purpose.  It is important to layer your light sources and have different sources of light to accommodate all the activities that might possibly be taking place in the room.


These hanging lights are a nice source of ambient light.  They are placed high up and therefore reflect off of the ceiling.  Not only do the lights add general light to the room, they add interest as well.  The fact that there is a very large window in the room as well is important and that in itself is another source of ambient light and can add another dimension of light.

Task lighting is, as the name implies, lights that are used for a very specific task.  Task lighting can be very important is rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom and office.  It is a good idea to have your task lighting on a different switch than your ambient or decorative lighting so that you can turn on only the task light when needed.


These under counter lights in the kitchen are task lights.  They help illuminate the counter top so that the person cooking can see what they are doing better.  If these lights were not place under the cupboards the area directly below the cupboard would be in shadow.  This would be very detrimental during cooking as well as when cleaning the countertops.

Although task lighting is a practical consideration, that does not mean they cannot add to the feel and atmosphere of the room.  A reading light is a common task light that is placed in a living room.  The style of reading lamp can say a lot about the feel of the room.


These two rooms both have floor lamps that are being used as task lighting yet each lamp gives a different feel and compliments the rest of the room.  The first one gives the room a more industrial feel while the second one is more contemporary and minimal.

The bathroom is another room where task lighting is important.  Task lighting can be placed beside the mirror to help with shaving and putting on make-up.  The task lighting should be placed on each side of the mirror to ensure even, flattering lighting of the face.  Otherwise, the light can be placed above the mirror as well.


These wall lights placed between the mirrors provide a specific light to see your face more clearly.

Decorative lighting can consist of many different types of light fixtures.  They can be pendants, chandeliers or table lamps.  The important thing to remember with decorative lighting is that the form or style of the lighting fixture that is generally more important than the amount of light it gives off.


This multi-coloured table lamp, pictured above, by Zero Interiors is more of a fun statement piece than a viable source of light.  The lampshade and base is sliced up into rings and then placed back together to create the design.  It acts as a piece of art as well as a table lamp.

Another fun, whimsical decorative table lamp is the iconic British “Innermost Jeeves Bowler Hat Lamp”.


According to the designer, the bowler hat associates the wearer with a particular culture, heritage or race and reminisces about an era now past.  In this case, not only is the lamp decorative, it makes a playful statement as well.

A chandelier or pendent light can be a great light fixture to use as a decorative piece.  The style of light can really set the mood in the room.


This black chandelier, although traditional in design, can actually add quite a statement to a room.  The black colour adds drama and glamour and can make a room feel very romantic.

On the other hand, this modern pendent light below can give a completely different vibe to the room.


It is a clean design and very contemporary.  Again, it is almost like a piece of art in the room and draws attention to itself.