Pretty in Pink?

Pretty in pink?  Not just a great 1980’s Brat Pack movie but a big trend for Spring 2014 apparently! Spring 2014 is going to be BIG for pastels……..”Key Trend”, “Must Have”, “Hottest Fashion’!  All phrases that have been bandied around to describe the Pastel Trend that will be upon us very soon.  But the question is: how do we use pastels in our homes without it looking like a decorated Easter Egg or a baby’s nursery?  Well I think the best way is to pair it with a pop of bright colour….even neon!


So if you enjoy the calming and relaxing effects of a pastel themed room or house, throw in a few bright pieces to avoid a look that is TOO sweet!


Pantone Colour of the Year

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you are all slowly getting back into your regular routines and starting your new years resolutions! For me, I still have the kids at home for a couple more days so I’m not quite there yet!  Anything to procrastinate eating healthy food and not drinking!  But I did not want to wait to share the Pantone Colour of the Year…which is…drum roll please………..Radiant Orchid.  To be honest, when I first looked at it I thought to myself “meh”.  I didn’t love it.  But as I began my search online for some examples my mind was changed!  Ok, so that makes me sound super fickle but the more I thought about it, the more I thought, “yes this colour could work!”  It is a perfect colour for spring especially.

There are a couple of ways you can use this colour in your home.  First, for the brave, you can paint your walls.  In my humble opinion, I think it would be lovely in small doses.  One wall perhaps to add a splash of colour?  Otherwise, I think too much of Radiant Orchid on the walls could result in a bit of a sickly look and one you may tire of quickly?  But that’s the beauty of paint colour….it can be changed!  The next way is to use it as an accessory and a way to add colour to an otherwise neutral room.  A lamp, a throw pillow, even an area rug….all would work well!  As well, certain pieces of furniture can be updated to stay on the colour trend.  Look at reupholstering a lounge chair or even adding, one of my favourites that I came across, purple Louis Ghost Chairs to your dining table!  See my mood board below.  They are so very cool and the purple makes them look modern and bang up to date!

Radiant Orchid I think, will do very well as an accent colour for your interior.  It works well with neutrals such as grey, taupe and beige but it also works GREAT with greens!  I love how it complements darker hunter greens or olive greens.

See what I mean?

Ok, the kids film is now over and it’s back to mummy duties for me.  In the meantime, have a peek at Radiant Orchid:

Tah dah!

Christmas Inspiration #1-Restoration Hardware

Having lived in the UK for 10 years now, I still check out some North American websites every now and then.  One of my favourites to look at in terms of interior design is Restoration Hardware.  Restoration Hardware was opened in 1980 when the founder was renovating his Queen Anne style home and could not find period hardware pieces.  I find that the furniture and accessories, although perhaps not 100% my taste, look luxurious and of high quality.  Now….their Christmas decor!  I love it!  It gives a sense of cosiness and warmth without compromising on style.  It has a bit of a Scandinavian feel to it and THAT my friends is a style that IS of my taste!

Have a look see:

Cosy and Christmas-y!!
(all photos sourced from

The downside is that they don’t deliver outside of North America.  But like I said……browsing their website has most definitely provided me with some great Christmas inspiration!

and that calls for a jolly ho, ho, ho!

Lighting Mood Board

For those who have been following my blog, you may have remembered previous posts about my “clients” the Moore’s. I shared my accessories mood board recently, which was part of my Interior Design Course at NDA.  This board shows the lighting ideas that I had for the room.  As any aspiring designer should know, every room should have at least 3 “types” of lighting: ambient, task and decorative.  Lighting sometimes takes a backseat to other design tasks but in fact it should play a very important part of the design plan from the very beginning.

My “clients”, had decided on a nature based theme for their multi-funtion family room.  I made a technical lighting plan for the room along with this mood board below:

I’ve already expressed my love for the Secto Pendant and Floor lamps in an earlier post but I also wanted to point out to you the lovely Greypants Pendant light…..they are made from recycled corrugated cardboard so not only are they super stylish, they are very eco friendly as well (!

Weekly Photo Challenge

This Monday i am going to do something a bit different than usual……I want to post something for the Weekly Photo Challenge about “Horizon’s”.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not by any means a “professional” photographer.  I wouldn’t even go so far as to say that it is my “hobby” but I certainly like taking photographs, especially on holidays.  This week’s photo challenge spoke to me because I particularity love taking photos of the horizon.  And as you will see below, where water and sky meet tends to be my favourite type of horizon.

This picture was taken at Victoria Beach Manitoba last summer.  I absolutely LOVE the sunset colours but even more, I love the outlines of the people on the pier.  The photograph was taken one evening in late August and it was very, very hot and humid…….the dog days of summer (sigh, I miss those)…….and I know that many of those people were on that pier getting ready to jump in…the best way to cool off!


And one more:


And to prove my “horizon” fixation, a little mood board (after all, it is Mood Board Monday!) to show a few more examples:


Happy Monday!

It’s Monday….and it’s Half Term

Yep, that’s right.  The kids are home this week….so that means less time spent on perusing interior design magazines and websites and more time talking about Minecraft!  (if you have a boy of video game playing age….you’ll know all about Minecraft)

So as I mentioned before,  Mondays are now known as “Mood Board Mondays” here at insidespacedesign.  This week I wanted to share some ideas I had for a client.  He’s a single man, around 50, who was looking to make slight changes to his flat.  Quite conservative. Quite, quite conservative and traditional.  We wanted to keep things quite simple and neutral for him but not boring.  We decided that a feature wall of wallpaper would be great in the dining room…..1 single wall to add a bit of visual impact.  These are the 3 boards that I made up to give him ideas about what kinds of wallpaper could be used to add a little bit of interest without going over the top.

First up……using a wallpaper that says, conservatively of course in this case, “look at me, I’m a feature wall!”  These wallpapers are cool yet traditional and would add a nice touch to an otherwise simple interior.

Next….geometric patterns.  I love these options!  The stripes are subtle and masculine.  And in fairly neutral colours they would make a perfect addition the the clients dining room.

Finally, if the choices above were too much for the client my last option (but not by any means the “least”) was to use a textured wallpaper.  Textured wallpaper can be used very subtly in either a similar colour to the paint of adjacent walls or to give a little more visual interest, in a contrasting lighter or darker shade. (Side note: I personally loved the Corteccia Wallpaper….knew it might be a bit flash for this client but wanted to put it there as an option.  It is so cool!)

Well… the end it was a Grass Cloth Wallpaper that he went for.  A good choice that meets his needs and personal style!

Happy Half Term everyone!

Mood Board Mondays

Every Monday morning I wake up and for some reason Bob Geldof‘s voice comes into my head singing “tell me why I don’t like Mondays, tell me why I don’t like Mondaaaays…..”! And although I don’t go into an office to work, Mondays can be a tough day to get through.  First there are the kids…..the same ones who wake up extra early on the weekends to play the Xbox now do not want to get out of bed…at all!!  It’s all rush, rush, rush and hurry, hurry hurry to get them out the door for school….with the younger one saying “I’m not going to school today!”  When I get back from the school run, the weight of my “to-do list” comes bearing down on me……..whereas on the weekend I can kind of ignore it a bit.  And really, it does’t help when it is so dreary out!

So, I thought perhaps what I can do to alleviate the “Monday blues” is to start Mood Board Mondays!  Yes, it might mean more work for me in the long run but I really do love to put together mood and concept boards so it’s something fun for me to do….as well as helps me to procrastinate on that ever growing “to-do list”!

This first Monday I thought I’d share 2 ideas that I did for a 11 year old boy’s bedroom.  One board is based on his love of rowing.  And the second board is a traditional British theme.  Both rooms are ideas that can grow with the child and stay with him until he’s older.  It’s important when designing a child’s room that it is not TOO theme-y as children’s tastes change and when they do, it means a “re-do” for you, and depending on what needs to be changed, it can be quite costly.

Funny enough, in the end the boy really wanted a safari theme….as they recently came back from South Africa.  I will withhold that mood board until I have finished the actual bedroom.  And although it’s not an idea I would have come up with originally (his mother didn’t give any clues as to him liking Safari‘s until afterwards) I think the room is going to look fab!

A theme that has been done over and over but works well for a teenage boy.  I particularly love the idea of using a brick wall or street sign wall paper as a feature wall.  It gives the room a certain edge and coolness and makes it feel young.

This room has a nautical feel to it, but without going “overboard” (excuse the pun!).  I love the idea of hanging the oars above the bed!  It’s a perfect feature for a child who loves the sport!

If you have a mood board you’d like to share, I’d love to see it!  As well, if you would like me to do a mood board up FOR you, please let me know!  I’d be happy to help!

Now…back to Monday……..

Poor old, mis-understood Mondays!