I Came To A Crossroads

I have to admit, I have been very slack at keeping this blog up-to-date with the latest and greatest in interior design. But don’t think I have given up writing completely. On the contrary! I have been studying a copywriting course and I love it! What does copy writing have to do with interior design you ask? Well in my case, nothing really. And this is where the “crossroads” comes in.

I had finished my Diploma Degree at NDA and if you’ve read my “about me” page, you’d know that my goal was to start a small interior design business. I began this blog, originally to help promote myself and share my thoughts on interiors. And a funny little thing happened…..I just realised how much I LOVE writing! Now, this is not something that is 100% out of the blue. I’ve always enjoyed reading and writing, English being one of my best subjects in school. But it wasn’t until I read a job posting from a cool clothing company looking for a “copywriter” that things changed.

At first, I didn’t even really know what a copywriter was. But as I read the job description I thought “yes! I can do that” and “yes! I’d love to do that!”

So now I find myself immersed in a copywriting course and enjoying it more than I would have thought! I think that Interior Design is a hobby for me and I still love it 100% but a career in copywriting is something I think I could really make a go of.

So why am I telling you, my followers, all this? Well…..

A) because I wanted to share my news and maybe explain why there have not been many posts lately
B) I thought that while I am studying I could help out anyone who needs a copywriter on a “work experience” basis
C) I kind of missed just writing “for fun” and want to get the ball rolling on this blog again

As you all know, I love writing about interiors and if you have your own interior design business perhaps I can help you with your “copy”….that is I can help with:

Web copy
Direct emails
Advertising campaigns
Blog articles
Press releases
Sale literature

So wish me luck and in the meantime, I plan to keep writing about interiors on my blog……with maybe a couple of copywriting bits thrown in!