Scandinavian Style

Not only am I a big fan of “Nordic Noir” television…….The Killing, Those Who Kill, (sounding all a bit grim so far!) and The Bridge, I am also a big, big fan of Scandinavian style when it comes to interior design.  Actually, while watching another Scandinavian drama,  Borgen, I was just as much checking out the interior design of the set as much as following the plot!…and reading the subtitles.  Who says I can’t multi-task!  Anyways…..


Scandinavian style is characterised by a minimalistic approach that is not only visually pleasing but also functional.  The Scandinavian colour pallet usually consists of whites, off-whites and grey and modernised with a splash of colour.  The use of natural materials also plays a big role in the Scandi style.  It’s the light floors and walls that help keep the rooms bright during the long, long winters.  Furniture is very simple yet functional and practical.

Some of my favourite websites for Scandinavian inspired style are:

and of course…..

What is your favourite element of Scandinavian style?