Luxurious Leather

Miranda Kerr, Kate Moss, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley….what do they all have in common?  Besides the very obvious of course, they all love their skinny leather trousers which perfect their “off duty” outfits!

Kate Moss
Miranda Kerr
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley at LAX

As we all know, leather skinny trousers are now a wardrobe STAPLE…a must have!…like jeans!  They can be worn casually with a pair of cool high tops or dressed up with pointy court shoes or boots.  BUT….did you ever consider leather as a wall covering for your home?  ………No, neither did I!…… until I came across some examples of it during my Interior Design course.

Here’s what I learnt:

Leather wall panels can be used in many areas around the home.  Leather provides great acoustical value as it absorbs sound easily.  At the same time, leather also provides insulating properties, which can make a room warmer.  Leather is a long lasting and natural product.  These qualities make leather very attractive for bedrooms.  Besides the sound and heat insulating factors, leather can give a bedroom a sumptuous and luxurious look.

Leather wall bedroom
The leather-paneled wall gives this bedroom a very luxurious, hotel-like atmosphere.  It makes the room “feel” softer and adds interest and depth.

Leather brings in a natural element to a space.  It is tactile and adds warmth and suppleness.  The colours, grains and textures that can be used are limitless.

leather wall covering2 leather wall covering3
These two wall finishes show the variety of styles and textures that leather can provide.

Leather is very long lasting, durable and easy to maintain.  One possible drawback to leather walls is that leather can be expensive. Leather walls also need to be installed and supplied by an experienced and trustworthy company ruling out DIY jobs and therefore adding to the cost.

But in the right room, in the right proportions, I think leather could make a lovely contribution to the overall design scheme.


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