Curtain Linings…..Zzzzzzzz

Oops, sorry, I think I dozed off for a second! Ok, so curtain linings and interlinings (whoo hoo!) are admittedly not the most exciting topics to write about…or even read about, depending on who you are!  But I think it is important to understand their purpose and how to use them to your full advantage when having curtains made.

Linings are used in curtains for 2 reasons.  They can protect fabrics from sunlight as well as add weight and depth to improve drape.  One of the most popular types of curtain lining is cotton sateen.  This lining is fairly dense and can come in a variety of weights.  Usually this type of lining is treated with additional finishes making them crease or fire resistant.

Another curtain lining that can be very useful is a blackout lining.  This type of lining is specifically used to block out light and is mostly used in bedrooms.  If you have children, you know how important it can be for their bedrooms…especially when they are babies.  I know I preferred it when my babies didn’t get up at the first morning light!  Not only does it block out light but it can also increase insulation which helps keep a room warm.  Blackout lining is made from a poly/cotton mix and then coated with an acrylic layer, which blocks out all light from passing through the fabric.  Blackout linings can sometimes be bought readymade meaning that they can be easily added onto existing curtains.

Readymade Blackout Lining

Interlinings can also be used in curtains and fit between the curtain fabric and the lining.  Interlinings are generally used to give the curtain more weight and therefore a more luxurious and plush look.  It is made from a soft fleecy fabric.  Bump is one type of interlining.  This type of interlining is made from a heavy and brushed fabric giving it a lofty feel.  Bump is usually made from cotton and is cream in colour.  Bump must be used carefully as it can shrink in damp conditions and stretch during the lining process and therefore can cause variations in the look of the curtain.  Domette is a lighter weight alternative to bump.  It too is white or natural in colour.  It can be made from cotton or synthetic materials.  The domette linings made from man-made materials are easier to work with than bump as they do not shrink or stretch.


So I hope that wasn’t too dull and that someone (anyone?) can benefit from some of the information in this post.  Next post will be more stimulating, I promise!


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