All White!

So I could have sworn that this morning when I left my house to walk the kids to school that I had been transported right out of London and straight to some warm, tropical location! The light breeze was warm and the air even warmer….very unusual for 8:30am in London.  Never mind, I’m sure it won’t last! (fingers crossed it will though….)

Anyways, the warm temperatures and sun got me thinking and feeling tropical.  An image of an all white bedroom with gauzy curtains gently flapping in the breeze.  This bedroom was of course located on a soft sandy beach where you could hear the waves rolling and smell the sea air.  But then I snapped back to reality!  Does an all white bedroom work?  Can it work for us here in London?  For those of us who are not fortunate to own a beautiful beachfront home in the Carribean??

Well….white is actually not a colour but is a reflection of all the colours in the spectrum.  Whereas black is total absorption, white is total reflection.  What comes to mind when you think of white?  Does it conjure up positive images of purity, cleanliness and simplicity?  Or does it bring about negative feelings such as coldness, sterility and unfriendliness?  I myself tend to think of lightness and peacefulness, which makes it a good bet for the bedroom!

But!  But, a white bedroom that is literally ALL WHITE, with NO variations, is too much.  That would give a feeling of coldness with no cosiness or comfort.

One good way to use white in the bedroom without being sterile like a hospital would be to use TEXTURE:  The use of natural textures such as wood, glass and chunky wool would be a nice balance to a white bedroom.  Even a tonal patterned wallpaper can be effective.


Another good idea if all white scares you a little is to add in different shades of white or soft greys or blues.  This will add depth to your room and give it a welcoming feel.


If that is a bit too serene for your personality, there is no rule that says you can’t have a white bedroom with a little pop of colour!  This can be especially effective in a child’s bedroom.  Add accessories in bright colours such as throws, cushions and even objects on shelves can add a ping of colour.


This white bedroom below is just SO refreshing and cute with it’s pops of yellow (and natural textures if you didn’t notice!)!  The white panelled ceiling along with the white walls and blinds give a perception of space and expand this fairly small room.


Now, back outside to the garden to imagine that I am sipping a pina colada on some nice beach somewhere….before we get dumped on by rain that will surely be coming our way soon!  In the meantime, what do you think about an all white bedroom?